Tired of Pain?

This is for the people who sit at a computer for hours a day: Do you have neck and shoulder pain that you’d describe as tightness, pinching, or achiness? What would you say if I told you there was a way to get rid of your pain? What if it didn’t require a huge amount of time out of your weekly schedule for visits to my office, and you could do most of the treatment yourself once you learned how? Would you do it?

I’ve recently started using a new approach in my office called McKenzie therapy. The beauty of McKenzie is in the assessment and classification; it’s a way for me to determine within a few visits whether or not I can truly help you and exactly what direction you need to move in order to take away your symptoms. The exercises we do in the office become the same ones (or ones very similar) to do at home or at work or wherever your day might take you. They take less than a minute each time, and typically the exercise that we determine will help you can be done anywhere, anytime you need relief.

I’ve used this approach on many patients since I started taking courses on it over a year ago, and now, after 100+ hours of course work, am in the process of studying for the credentialing exam later this year. I’ve used McKenzie therapy to help patients with low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain from arthritis or previous surgeries, tennis elbow, shoulder pain and difficulty raising your arms. Many different joint problems have responded beautifully to this approach. Is there something you’ve stopped doing because it hurts too much? Have you had to modify how you do things in order to get through your day? Come in for an assessment and let’s see if I can help.

I still use adjustments when needed. I still work with patients on nutritional supplements, blood draws, and internal disorders like digestive problems, allergies, and skin rashes. But most people know chiropractors for their ability to deal with neck and back pain. I’ve found an additional way to help you with back and neck pain as well as those other joint aches, utilizing therapies that don’t necessarily take a long time to see relief. This also helps me recognize the times when the tools I have at my disposal are not the right ones for a particular condition and get you to the proper care more quickly.

One last thing, would you do me a favor and forward this to a friend, co-worker, or family member who you know is suffering from joint pain of any kind? I would welcome the opportunity to assess them and see if I can help. As a thank you for your trust, I’ll send you a coupon for 10% off your next supplement purchase when that person names you at their initial visit as their referral source (for new patients in the month of May 2013).

~Dr. Mennerick

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