Functional Rehabilitation

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend your day with a dumbbell in hand, extending your arm forward repeatedly, but you might reach to lift a box onto a shelf or lift a baby into a car seat. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to do these motions with the least amount of stress on your joints? This idea is known as joint-sparing motions and is one of the concepts used in functional rehabilitation.

Functional rehabilitation involves not merely strengthening muscles but assisting the body in performing movements and tasks necessary for everyday life. The exercises we use look like exaggerated, whole-body movements that you might use throughout your day. Balance and core endurance is often emphasized since these muscles are utilized during every movement we make. Did you know that before you move your arm, your brain turns on the deep layers of the abdominal muscles so you have a stable foundation off which to work? Amazing, isn’t it!?

Conditions that respond well to this type of treatment include low back pain, shoulder rotator cuff tendonitis, ankle sprains, knee pain and tracking disorders, ITB friction syndrome common in runners, and discomfort during and after pregnancy. There are simple exercises that require no specialized equipment and can be done virtually anywhere that can frequently alleviate these symptoms. Call today for your consultation.

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