Our Mission

We believe that each person should feel like they have the ability to take control of their health. We believe that movement can decrease pain. We believe that sustainable exercise can change how you feel, both physically and mentally. We believe that you recover faster when you are an active participant in treatment.

We believe that by taking control of one’s health, people can decrease their dependence on medications, caffeine, sugar, and poor sleep to get them through their day. We believe that food plays an essential role in how we feel and that simple changes in what we eat can have profound changes on our energy, attitude, and health. We believe that health is not merely the absence of disease but the ability to thrive, enjoy, and feel energized. We want to teach you how.


Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to treat musculoskeletal concerns. Back pains, neck pains, headaches, sciatica, shoulder, knee, foot and ankle injuries can be treated with our chiropractor. We at Trillium Health and Wellness offer a range of chiropractic care including McKenzie Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT), functional rehabilitation, foot orthotic therapy, the Webster technique for pregnant patients, and gentle hands-on chiropractic adjustments.

Natural Health

We provide simple solutions that will improve your family’s health. Dr. Mennerick is knowledgeable in the field of natural health and functional medicine and can advise you on how your diet, gut health, and nutrient levels can affect the body. From nutritional counseling, general and specialized lab testing, and high quality nutritional supplements, we offer advice to all patients who want to nourish their lives.

Helping You Live a Healthy Life

Trillium Health & Wellness, SC

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